Oh Amelia. I've never met her, read much on her, or looked into her life at any kind of depth. However, I cannot WAIT to see this movie coming out in October (the 23rd to be exact). Amelie, starring Hilary Swank, looks like one of those period films that is going to be at least a little more interesting than the next. I'm not here to critique movies though, (as you can probably tell from the wording of this post already) I want to bring to attention the title lettering. Amelia.

I think it's great! (again, I'm terrible a critiquing movies) the scarf A is pretty genius at giving a whimsy, airy, and fun feel to the film. It reminds me of a script version of Didot, which in itself is intriguing. But yes, because I'm a type nerd, I''m gonna go see this movie in October just because their attention to the titling. I'm really glad they didn't just go with Trajan, or Helvetica, or something else god-awful. I think more movies and films, not just of this magnitude and size, but especially of this magnitude and size, should think about having custom lettering on their movie titles. They've thought of customizing the motion graphics of opening sequences, end credits, and even how the movie trailers get audiences into theater seats, you'd THINK they would have caught on to their flagstaff first impression needing more attention: their title lettering. Thank you Amelia, thank you. Take note movie poster studios! Take note.

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