PROFILE: Abi Huynh

This week's profile is one of the up and coming professionals in the type world. Abi Huynh is a graphic designer originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and currently living in the Netherlands attending the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Den Haag) in the Type and Media Masters program. (um, dream school.) Abi's been featured on many blogs already but I believe the work is especially important for designers who are just leaving school, or will be very soon. As is the work of many of the designers currently at the Koninklijke Academie, it's modern, contemporary, and new. We're always on the quest for the next new thing, but these students' all have the contextural drive as well.

Here are some examples for Huynh's new text face: Arietta. Abi Huynh says "it is intended for short subject and non-fiction books, the family consists of a transitional roman with multiple text italics that provide modulating degrees of stylistic contrast from the roman. Arietta Book has a serious, unobtrusive and reserved tone while the three italic companions each produce a distinct character and textural density."

Also, this stuff is just cool, and the sample book is incredible. It's worth a look through the entire portfolio as well, namely the collaborative work for Johnathan Frere-Jones, another personal icon. Inspiring stuff.

Here's Abi's website: check it out!


moleskine sketches Fall 2008

As some of you may know, residing in my left back pocket, is my constant companion, my moleskine. Sometimes it's a boredom solver, sometimes, an agenda, but always, a tool. A tool I use to get out my love for poetry, honesty, and type design. yeah yeah, everyone's got a moleskine, but I think the stuff I put in there is an honest reflection of possible ideas. These are a collection of moleskine sketches from the fall season of 2008. Enjoy!